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. state officials learned that maryland is a second round winner in the "race for the top" competition. it is among nine states and the district of columbia that will get $3.4 billion in grants from the education department. tim tooten what the latest tonight on 11 news at 5:00. -- will have the latest tonight on 11 news at 5:00. it is election day in five states. marylanders are not headed to the polls today, but tonight's results will shape the political momentum when you vote in november. tracie potts is in washington with this afternoon's report. >> as the polls opened today, we will start to see what the republican ferrets and income ts will toen withstand the nationwide challenge from the tea party. arizona's john mccain is in a tough fight with j.d. hayworth. >> we are going to pull a huge upside. >> mccain admits that today's votes may be most the anti- washington. >> "you are great guy but we ought to throw everybody out." thanks. >> in alaska, sarah palin says that's an adult lisa murkowski is not conservative enough. -- that senator lisa murkowski is not conservative enough.
. >> several maryland schools make that list of top university and colleges. find out which ones. --baltimore's county best baltimore county's best schoolteacher's get ready for their first day in the classroom. >> the shortstop of the future gets a big jcheck. . their reaction to spending that -- hear their reaction to spending that money on manny. >> we >> into 9's education alert, maryland colleges and universities -- in tonight's education alert, maryland colleges and universities topped the list. university of college park was -- university of maryland @ college park was high on the list of the up-and-coming schools. big news for baltimore county university of maryland, they led the pack at number one. the naval academy was number one among high school counselors for liberal arts colleges. you can see the full listing on our website at the university of college park has a new president tonight -- wallace loh. is currently executive vice president and provost at the university of iowa. he will take over for mote, stepping down after 12 years. his appointment is effective novem
extreme southern pennsylvania. so you folks up toward hagerstown, northern carroll county in maryland, south of the pennsylvania line,ñr thoseÑi st have not been warned on recently but they do bear watching. the severe weather for now is southern parts of fairfax county, south of the city of fairfax down toward springfield and wood bridge. and then also the southern parts of prince william county, along i-95, down through fredericksburg, spotsylvania and stafford. those warnings go until 4:45. the watch for favorable conditions for more severe weather goes until 9:00. we'll keep you posted as we need to ki to. >>> to this morning's storms, it was a terrifying experience for residents of theçó flowers apartments in gaithersburg this morning. >> take a look at this storm damage. it happened around 7:00 a.m. in the 500 block of south frederick avenue. strong winds sent an 80-foot tree straight through the top two floors of a building. it sliced through the hallway trapping people in their apartments. one resident describes the horrifying experience. >> all you could hear was people s
are untrue and they will be unable to prove them. >> karla hamner no longer lives in maryland. she is now a general manager at a best buy store in kentucky. >> again, wild today on the race for governor. this comes on the heels of a new poll that gives gov. o'malley bigger lead among likely voters. >> lt. gov. anthony brown called bob ehrlich out. he blasted his record and calling his "sweet sounding campaign promises and the." bob ehrlich shot back, charging that he has raised in the campaign promises to an art form. -- empty campaign promises to an art form. >> a no-brainer. it is very cheap. >> ehrlich estimates this would cost $37 million a year and could be phased in over five years. lieutenant governor and the brown palace on his pledge, characterizing it as another one of his campaign promises. >> what bob has failed to do is offer a blueprint, the plan, the tales on how, with a shrinking state budget -- the details on how, with a shrinking state budget we are going to be able to do that. >> bob ehrlich recently said that he wanted to restore spending to local government, and yet,
this many state and federal agencies have gotten together concerning the health of the bay and maryland's military bases. as the secretary of navy said, who should be more concerned about the heavy bay than the navy? back to you. >>> to track the bay's health and water quality near you head to we have a link to the state's bay stat page. click on the living green link under lifestyles. >>> a new leader grabs the rains at the historic senator theater. the former owner is not happy at all. we were there at the hearing today. >> former theater owner tom kefauver was not happy about the deal that went down today. he wasn't afraid to show it. >> this is happening. it's out of the order. this is a fraud coming down. >> make your comment. >> trust me. >> thank you very much. >> they handed the theater over to a new team, charles theater owner james cusack and his daughter are now operating the senator. baltimore city bought the theater at an auction for $800,000 last year. today the board approved a lease of the building for 43 years for a dollar a year as part of a deal that wou
eyebrows of customs officials of. >> maryland takes on navy in college football on labor day. i have a live report for you. >> still tracking that accident in owings mills. we will also check >> a very good tuesday morning to you. i hope you are ready for another hot one. we're starting out in the mid 70's downtown. 75 downtown here on west camden street at the sports legend museum. 4:00 p.m., and m&t bank stadium, maryland against navy. they are huge rivals. this is cool. the game has a storied history. it goes back to 1905. they have more than 67,000 fans for the last game. it was 23-20 maryland. this year may be different because maryland is ranked in the top 25. why did the ravens get involved? >> it is a great event. we love college football. it gives the fans a chance to come to the stadium to see something new. >> we went from soccer to college football. you want people to come out. it is on labor day at 4:00 p.m. you have watched college football all weekend long and you cannot come out to the stadium. >> you can go to to get tickets. >> there is a college game d
-tech smart grid. initially the maryland public service commission rejected the plan saying they were too the costly for utility customers. a revised proposal was approved. >> at the end of the completion of the project we're confident the customers are going to save many multiples, many times over what the modest cost will be per customer. i think it's important to recognize bge has been working on this for several years and we've proven that the technology is ready for deployment. >> officials with the utility say this measure actually could save consumers a lot of money. >>> the race for the next governor of maryland. looks like montgomery county's troubles could be former governor bob ehrlich's ticket back to the governor mansion. ehrlich has made the county a focal point in his campaign. leaders in the state's largest, wealthiest and arguably most liberal jurisdiction wrestled to plug a roughly $1 billion budget deficit this year. officials accused o'malley of treating the county like a piggy bank. >> recruiting inform mants. >> reporter: fred bealefeld called on top commanders af
morning for us. 77 degrees downtown at the maryland science center. 60's in the suburbs. it will be another hot day today. sunshine with high temperatures this afternoon in the mid 90's. it will be more humid the yesterday. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we will give you the latest on earl. for now, to the news desk. >> a study suggests low doses of and make it three fatty acids did not provide additional protection for heart attack patients. the study focused on margarine's that were considered to be heart healthy. low doses did not reduce additional heart attacks. researchers believe that is because cardiac patients are already under medication to control cholesterol. another study reveals warmer temperatures may affect the activity of multiple sclerosis. regular brain scans were treated. the number of lesions were three times higher between march and august. warmer temperatures were linked to disease activity. paine did not affect the lesions. a new foot stimulator device helping multiple sclerosis patients walking more normally.
in 25 years and we're so happy to be home. there are art works by maryland artists that will be in the maryland stores. >> wonderful. this is all homemade stuff. >> the artists are actually going to be here to talk about how they make this. >> the work is incredible. stephanie fleishman, you have a gallery, 2910 on the square. tell us about some of the pieces. >> this is our our work by catherine. she does sterling with freshwater pearls and beads. over here we have beats by betina. the menorah is done by copper and brass. this is barbara wire, another maryland artist. we carry these hearings. >> what are you looking for? it must be overwhelming. >> i am looking for things that are different and unique. the price points are also important. it is important to promote american made, especially in this economy as well as it is nice when people say, what is here from maryland artist? i do have artists from all over the united states and canada. some people want things that just from maryland. >> there is a wide range of things. we have pottery and jewelry. what other th
in to the temperatures spread more on that coming up. over theke a live looke fair grounds. the maryland state fair is kicking off. what is it like down there tonight? >> the fair opened about five hours ago and already the crowd is a boring -- growing quite large. they are expecting 400,000 people before the 11-day affair is over. i want to bring in the president and ceo of the maryland state fair. we see the new roller coaster year behind us. what else is new and exciting? >> we have a ride called vertigo, at which is brand new. attractions always is a really nice job of the -- nice job for us. >> we have to talk about beiber fever. a lot of good entertainment scheduled this year. >> we have gretchen wilson tonight. we have brought michael's -- brett michaels on sunday. >> what about special promotions? >> it is a week in baltimore and it happens to coincide with the affair. the united states navy is bringing in a number of exhibits, interactive exhibits. they're bringing their bands out to do some performance is for us. we are doing a lot with the navy. one of the special things, i think, is are
multiple tornado warnings across much of maryland. carroll county has expired because the nastiest part of the storm has moved out. howard county, you are under the gun right now as well as montgomery county back through frederick county and severe thunderstorm warning for anne arundel, baltimore, and pg county. here it is, nasty looking line. more of a moderately severe storm, basically in baltimore county here. so severe thunderstorm warning for large hail, damaging wind. but rotation still being indicated on this storm and you see this pink notch here. that is a hail shaft for sure. i mean we definitely have 1 inch hail coming down here in damascus and as you look at the motion of the storm, a bit of a right turn here. that is always a very, very ominous sight, something we look for in rotating storms as a possible indication of some tornado activity is that sort of right turning motion. again, the nastiest, the potential tornado here just west of the immediate baltimore area, but again impacting western howard county and i want to step out just for a second and take us back into liv
schools in maryland before enrolling in university virginia 2006. >>> maryland's juvenile justice watchdog said sheltonham youth facility was most over crowded between april and july. prince georges county facility has been under added scrutiny after the murder of 65-year-old hanna wheeling. the bel air woman's body was found outside a campus building in february she was a teacher at sheltonham a 14-year-old boy has been charged as a juvenile in the killing. >>> tonight officials confirm that the 82-year-old woman rescued from a house fire in hampden has died. she died this morning as a result of her injuries her neighbor, pulled her from the fire yesterday morning. he suffered second degree burns but is expected to be okay. another woman found inside the basement was rescued by firefighters. still no word on exactly what started the fire. >>> the maryland state fire marshalls office says arson is the expected cause of a blaze that damaged a landmark building washington county town of clear spring. fire gutted much of the structure originally called the brewster hotel when it opened in ear
is in a positive atmosphere, playing a game of baseball, a game that cal ripken made famous here in maryland. >> attorney general and the governor's office of crime control and prevention partnered with the cal ripken, senior, foundation to make it possible. >> from baseball to football. the baltimore ravens honored the u.s. military today at their training camp. servicemen and women received wrist bands granting access to certain areas. all those dressed in uniforms were given priority seating to show the appreciation. and do stick around. jerry will have much more on the ravens coming up in sports. >> in tonight's education alert, some maryland colleges and universitying are earning high marks on us news ranking of colleges. johns-hopkins finished 13th, college park was 56th. college park also came in 20th on the list of up and coming schools. the u. of maryland baltimore county scored the on spot in their category. we've posted a link of the full listing on our website. go to and then click on education. meantime, baltimore city principals gartered for a welcome back ceremony.
is expected to reveal his new plan tomorrow. there are also mixed messages coming out about maryland's economy. that is especially true in the countless reports about our area's housing market. >> the housing market is often an indicator of how the economy's doing. it has become difficult to understand. if maryland is doing ok, of getting better or getting worse -- there are supports -- reports coming out telling us different stories about the economy. we were struck by two different housing stories. with the help of an economics professor, we got a closer look at what is really going on. the economic headlines lately make it difficult to decipher maryland's housing market. we also learned that 22%, more than two out of every 10 homeowners, own more on their home than it's worth. >> both are true. >> if both headlines are true, what gives? his answer takes us back to the seemingly good news headlines saying that your people are behind on their mortgage. >> i do not consider that good news. the good news would be that we would have more people behind. we would have more foreclosures. we would c
hhngiig up. >>> and religious role mod, the yyung marylanders making a difference around the globe. >>> good morning. it's thursday, august 19th. you're taking a live look out over the inner harbor. harris. let's get a check of our forecast as we cart this start s thursday morning.ú meeeorologist emily gracie is here with whattwe can expect yysterday. >>> the rain is gone but we're %-there, fog anddthat an cause problems on the roadways. let'sstake a look outside and see what is going on with the radar. as you can see the heavy rain that brought up to two inchee yesterday has moved off to the east. this morning we're seeing dry conditions, and we're picking up rainfall in richmond and a brief shower today is not out ofú questioo. we will stay dry hhre in baltimore. in fact, we will start to clear out as well with temperatures rising into the upper 80s. right now 70 degrees in bbltimore, 73 in d.c. and 72 in salisbury. the follow will start to burn off by mid-morning. we are looking attit as it is dense in a few locations. we start to clear out by mid-morning and into the afteeno
was just posted for the carolina coast. wjz is live. mike hellgren with more on how maryland is getting ready for the system. but we begin with meteorologist bern bet -- bernadette woods. >> the latest is in. and it's still a category 4. that makes it a major hurricane. anything from 3 higher is considered major. the pressure is about the same. and this time, it's not moving to the west/northwest, but making a little more of a turn to the northwest at 14 miles per hour. here's how it looks when you put that together. takes you closer to the states. we zoom in one more time and you can see tdoes include on the western part. this is what we're concerned with. this is the different forecast models. even if it stays out to sea, at best, we can expect wind gusts up to tropical storm force. and beach erosion. and squally weather along these beaches. at worst would be if it were to take more of a western track stronger west relief. there's a cold front coming in. and that is what ultimately will turn us back out to the east. if that front gets in here earlier, it keeps it over the water and ki
on maryland's most powerful doppler radar this evening. five sweeps in action scanning the skies above and really not finding much at all in the immediate baltimore area or over on the eastern shore or just west of the city. however, out in western maryland, a little different story. you can see a line of showers, even a couple of storms flaring up out to the west of cumberland and it looks like these will continue to kind of stay to our west and die out as we go into the overnight. we do have temperatures that are on the warm side and quite humid. 85 at the inner harbor now. annapolis 82. cambridge 82. this evening we should hover in the low 80s for the next several hours. sun and clouds but mostly clouds and the possibility of just a shower or two but most of us stay dry. that changes. tomorrow the chance of rain goes up. after that the temperatures go up. we'll have all the ups and downs of the forecast coming up. >>> when you're shopping for your school supplies over the next few weeks you may want to read the labels of some of the plastic items that you may buy. the maryland publi
strong storms rolled through last night. the storm has not cleared the central maryland. yet. by this afternoon, you will feel another air mass takeover. it is 76 degrees downtown. 73 out at the airport. 70's on the eastern shore. mostly sunny today. we will keep the heat. by this afternoon, it will feel a lot less humid. it will be more bearable. mostly clear tonight. still 70 downtown. tomorrow, seasonable with a high of 86 and not too humid for saturday. something to look for to after a humid weather week. more on your 7 de coming up. >> good morning. -- more on your seven-day coming up. >> eastbound traffic is in two- way along silver spring road along selma avenue. there is an accident in catonsville on rolling road and beechwood avenue. moving north to randallstown, brown hill road, an accident there as well. live drive times looking good. 95 south between the beltway and 100, looking at six minutes. we give you a live look outside. not many people out there on this friday morning. west side of the beltway at liberty road is looking good. that is the latest on traffic p
an expensive band- aid. >> we have much more news ahead on 11 news at 6. >> is a great year for maryland crabs. that story is coming up. >> we have been tracking severe weather. now we have flash flood warnings in effect. state sen for though very latest on this developing weather situation. >> it has turned out to be a great year for crabs on the chesapeake bay. >> there are plentiful, according to reports. it is turning out to be the best year since the 1990's. >> there is nothing any prettier and tastier than a chesapeake crab. this one was caught in the upper bay. when it comes to crabs in the day, this is the best year since the 1990's. >> this year, we have more crabs that we have had since 1997. >> if you are in the crevices, the maryland crabs this year are plentiful and tasty really eat your in the crab business. >> this is a male maryland blue crab. the ones we have been getting lately have been very heavy. >> last year we were off and on it in during the week, it would slow down. now during the week, we are busy almost all day long. >> you did not have to be out on the water long to
nos acompana... la delegada estatal de maryland ana sol gutierrez, quien ha sido una ardua protectora de los derechos de los inmigrantes en ese estado, continua su campana por la reeleccion al escano del distrito 18 el cual cuenta con un alto porcentaje de residentes hispanos cuyo voto es esencial para su reeleccion... la delegada sol gutierrez, senala que sus prioridades continuan siendo a educacion ene otros.. y resalta la importancia de a pocas semanas e un nuevo ano escolar, las principales autoridades educativas del pais, quieren -en lo posible- eliminar las agresion entre jovenes conociomo thepan maritinez, nos e el informe.. a pocas semanas del nuevo aÑo escolar, autoridades toman medidas para contrarrestar el efecto de matonaje en las escuelas. dixie argueta, una estudiante de secundaria, nos explica que aun muchos estudiantes son victimas de abusos por falta de medidas preventivas. "los estudiantes a los que molestaban iban al principal y hablaban con ellos pero nunca tomaban cargos no hacÍan nada por esto." cc>una cumbre organizada por el departamento <
this video just coming in in oxon hill, maryland. sparking along livingston road. the area was hard hit in last night's storm. >>> and tells us more about what happened last night and what we can expect for today and them weekend here's howard. >> the storms originated with damage to the west. we saw pea-size hail. the first market new mark and strasburg, north of where 66 comes to 81. faulkier, loud, fairfax, southern fairfax is where the wind traveled, hit alexandria, went to prince georges county, cob island down in charles county had wind damage, as well. this is widespread. even in the district we had some problems. this is the radar yesterday evening. a couple of areas of severe thunderstorms. everything pulled away. by 9:00 or so, we were in better shape. have a thin line of showers diminishing in martinsburg and hagerstown. otherwise the front coming through in the next couple of hours. touch of fog to culpeper sunny and dry there this afternoon. it will feel better with the dryness moving in. >>> take notice on the vre. the fredericksburg line has been cancelled this morning. t
erthan i thought it was. i wasn't staired. >>> so this find here in maryland. >> people have them as pets. and it's illegal to have them as pets. and once they get too big for them, they'll let them go in the wild. >> officers took the reptile to veterinarians who will nurse them back to health. >> i've been here all my life. with my father and everybody. and i have never seen an alligator down here before. they know i'm telling the truth. >>> and after they call around, they will find a vet to take it in. nobody was able to come up with a good name for it. but they are hoping to get good suggestions. >> and weijia, i think you need to weigh n. because you actually held it. i'm pretty impressed. >> i did. it was very smooth. a lot smoother than you would think. >> natural resources say the gator is just like a small american alligator that a golfer found in glen burnie california. the child was hit. and the victim might have been as young as 6 years old. the child was hospitalized as a precaution. >>> a baby girl is thrown from the second story of a reisterstown home and survived. wjz is
a cooldown. maryland's most powerful radar, it is dry and that's going to stay that way. you can see all five sweeps are on. even down into fredericksburg and we are looking at your visible satellite. that's a snapshot from space. you can see that we are seeing lots of sunshine and that will continue. with all that sunshine we saw today, check out your temperatures right now coming in at 93 degrees at the inner harbor. 95 into dc. 91 in culpeper. winchester, 96 degrees. dover 91 and more of the same into cambridge. i'm going to talk all about hurricane earl and we have fiona out there as well. i'll tell you about what everybody is doing. let's go back to rosie. >> another delay hits bp in the gulf of mexico. bp says high seas in the gulf have pushed back operations to raise the piece of equipment from the seabed that failed to prevent the massive oil spill. the oil giant in the twitter posting today did not say how long the delay would last. engineers were supposed to begin the process tonight. >>> university of maryland researchers are spending the week in the gulf of mexico assessing the i
to maryland. >>> anne arundel county police are searching for clues in a robbery that left a man dead in brooklyn park. they were called to edgewood road where they found 38-year- old eric hill shot. an acquaintance was getting into his car when they were approached by three men one of whom showed a handgun and demanded money. >> at that point it appears that the suspect with the handgun fired a shot and struck the victim in the upper torso. the vehicle proceeded for a short distance came to a stop after hitting a parked vehicle. >> police are offering a $2,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest. you can also call metro crimestoppers 1-866-7 lock-up. >>> a for the man accused of hitting and killing an los angeles pitcher nick adenhart is asking the judge to throw out the charges against her client. adenhart was born in maryland was killed last april along with two others. attorney jacqueline good man said in a motion yesterday that 23-year-old andrew gallos designated driver got drunk he took the wheel of his mini van instead. did he not have the implied malice
, but maryland's emergency management director says ocean city, as the mayor said, could get tropical storm winds up to 50 miles per hour let's go to wyatt for the latest. >> hurricane hunter aircraft were inside of hurricane earl here between puerto rico and miami at 5:00. they found winds at 128 knots, over 130 miles per hour. moving away from u.s. interests in puerto rico and making an ominous turn northward keeping it off florida. a different perspective here. you can see it's a large storm. from north to south here, larger than florida and georgia put together. so wide storm, and here is the track as we go forward in time. we'll skip right ahead as we get up into midday friday. putting it right off ocean city and not taking it out of there until we get late friday. so thursday night through the day friday is going to be a critical time as we watch the path of hurricane earl. right now looking like it will stay off of ocean city and we're talking about huge surf and also beach erosion and of course the dangerous rip currents that oftentimes can get swimmers into trouble. much more on hurrican
out the vote, activity. >> maryland's candidates for governor, are counttng their campaign donations who has the edge, coming up. >> and ring wild. how many people ere injured by this bull. creature was caught. >> and looking at a pretty nice day out there today around baltimore w plenty of sunshine. clear skies righh now. and more sunshine for the weekend. details in the sky watch forecast. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet absorbs and traps so much dirt you'll never go back to your old mop. [ funny voice ] hey, mop! wanna suck up dirt and grime like swiffer wetjet? then try the absorb-a-straw! now you're gettin' it. [ female announcer ] sorry, mop, but swiffer wetjet has a dirt dissolving solution and super absorbent pads that trap and lock dirty water deep inside the gradient core while mops can just spread it around. swiffer cleans better, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science >> a new poll indicates that two candidates for maryland's governor are essentially tied. the new poll shows governor martin o'malley with 40 percent. and ehrlich with 44 percent, with a 4
of additional money, is going to bby a lot of get out the vote, activity. >> maryland's candidates for governor, are counttng their campaign donations who has the edge, coming up. >> and ring wild. how many people ere injured by this bull. creature was caught. >> and looking at a pretty nice day out there today around baltimore w plenty of sunshine. clear skies righh now. and more sunshine for the weekend. details in the sky watch forecast. o7ó?wow >> a new poll indicates that two candidates for maryland's governor are essentially tied. the new poll shows governor martin o'malley with 40 percent. and ehrlich with 44 percent, with a 4 percent margin of error, leaving the two eventually tied. >> the candidates for governor are counting cash. governor o'malley has more than thhee times the amount of money as ehrlich. and as john rydell reports, ehrlich leads in another category. >> as he campaigns on maryland's eastern shore, governor o'malley enjoys a big financial advantage over his republican challenger. incumbent has raised three positive $.3 million since january. and still has $6.7 millio
and the website craigslist. maryland attorney general doug gaasler joined a group of 16 other states calling on craigslist to eliminate the adults services category. widely criticize fodbeing used by pimps and prostitutes. mann law enforcement agencies say the cite enables sexual predators to use children for trafficking. last year craigslist founder said the site would begin self policeing and screening ads. but victim advocaaes say it is not enough. >> there are many children sold through the internet and thee3 fact that law enforcement is discovering these kids, means %-working.policing is not >> so far, craigslist has not respond to the latest request to remove the controversial ads. >> you heard it first on fox. 12-year-old girl said that she was gang raped at a baltimore skating rink. but new questions about video rellased the night oo the attack. attorneys for skateworks said the girl willinglyyaccompanying the suspects prior to the alleged attack. but the girls lawyer said it is not true. >> no time was she willingly going anywhere with those men. not at all. she did not want -- she
in trouble with the law are getting the treatment they need at maryland's jjewghth detention facility but the high number of offenders is having unintendeddence consequences. the hamilton ham youth fa till sefacilityis being pushed beyon. juvenile services offiiials responding to the numbers say, no problems have resulted from the over population. >>> it has never been done before but marine biologist think that something that they are doing this week could maae the inner harbor much cleaner and maybe even swimmable some die. joeday. joel d smith is live at the inner harbor to show us the floatable wetlands. >> reporter: just an idea and out in a reality. the floatable wetlands are here. we have seen some ducks. they think it's real, it's good enough and alisa is here with the baltimore water keeper. what waa your role in making sure that happened. >> we provided the initial supplemental fund. it was $50,000 and we partnered design a bill for the wetlands. >> reporter: why so expensive. it seems like a small area for by thousand dollars. $50,000. >> the time and design and the time
2 news is here to help you. each wednesday on "good morning maryland" we put resumes on the air and on-line. we'll call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch and put it on the air and our web site. e-mail us at with a microsoft word attachment. >>> the latest on the quest to bring slots to arundel mills mall. the coalition opposed to the slots at the mall filed necessary paperwork to begin work on the referendum campaign. the group newly branded as no slots at the mall will work to overturn zoning legislation allowing the baltimore-based cordish company to construct the slots parlor. >>> the former brass elephant is off the auction block. the building was supposed to be sold by pnc bank, seeking thousands in unpaid mortgage debt. the bank had foreclosed on the property after the owner defaulted on a mortgage of about $313,000. the restaurant closed last year after 29 years in business. no word yet on why the auction was cancelled. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories. a baltimore county woman accused of tossing her newborn baby out the wind
in maryland, with similar cases in other states. 10:00. >> parents and teachers alike county's newest school today. loaded with high tech. >> technology is working into every classroom. so they will be learning technology. not just one period a week or whatever. but learning about learning every day in every class. they will glow up with technology. >> design and construction cost $22 million. ú% the 11 best days of summer began this vening. ú%night was ride mania at the maryland state fair. people rode every ride they could for one price. need ride tickets tomorrow. that's fox 45 day at the fair. we will give you a closer look at the history of the state fair and the new things you will be seeing this year, with our fun ttmorrow aa 6:00, on fox 45. and coming up in a few minutes. find out how you can get tickets to the soll out justin bieber concert. >> i am trying to hold him. not kill me. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. a stabbing of a muslim man inside avenue new york city taxicab. why the suspect's background leaves many wondering why he would do such a thing. comfortable enough ab
. and the forecast track has it comes to maryland. but it's dangerously close. category 4 storm. winds 122 miles per hour. the advisory, now moving it to the northwest. making more of a trek to the north. we'll take you a little closer and show you that the track does take it over the maryland beaches. and the delaware beaches. and that's why we're concerned. because the western cone of that is on top of us. now, if it stays farther out to sea, the best we can expect is we're going to have gusty winds, squally weather. in addition to that, beach erosion. if it takes more of a western track, all of those things go up. here's some of the forecast tracks we have been tracking. you can see all of them here at this point. the thing that is really going to clear this. there's two different things at this point. the pressure offshore. but eventually, you see the strong westerlies pointing out over the midwest. and that is what ultmately will kick that back to the west. that's going to be battling. now, ultimately, it will be moving away. but when it passes by maryland, it still could be a category 3 or cat
is a direct result of president obama as executive order to clean up the chesapeake bay. maryland is getting a helping hand in restoring the health of the chesapeake bay. >> we train our leaders here. this is part of our responsibility to make sure that we pass on this environment to our children into our grandchildren into this country. >> officials met with the commanders of all 68 chesapeake bay area bases wednesday at the naval academy to find out how those spaces can help the bay. >> everyone of those facilities have to do a good job in terms of making sure that we control runoff, that we reduce our footprint, that we did the things that will make a difference. >> some include parking lots acted as a filter. some of the steps of are the being faced in and other ideas might not been brought to the table. >> we are getting ready to learn from the navy, sharing best practices in order to reduce our footprint and they're showing a cleaner way forward. >> the governor plans to track the military's efforts through an on-line program. >> i think the men and women of our armed forces understand
personnel in maryland aren't taking any chances. >> hello again. i'm jessica kartalija. >> and i'm don scott. >> earl is now a category 4 hurricane tas churns in the atlanta -- as it churns in the atlantic and could threaten maryland. this is video where it damaged homes, floods and knocked out power in antique yay and the u.s. virgin islands. we begin with meteorologist bernadette woods with the latest updates on where earl is headed next. >> here's how it looks. still winds 132 miles an hour. it's a category 4 storm and still moving 06 to -- off to the west northwest. it still continues off to the northwest and eventually make as turn. notice the track takes it close to maryland. it will come dangerously close to the coast. the other thing is, too, it could still stay out to sea. the factors that will steer this entire system are two important factors. the high pressure whoever shore. that is turning it to the northwest right now. but there is a front over the midwest right now. it is going to break down the high pressure on top of us and it's going to eventually kick this out to sea. if i
. there is a slight chance for isolated storms. the frontal boundary has not cleared the state of maryland. that will play a role in our seven-day forecast. >> new this new, baltimore officials are taking a rare step to reduce crime. the department license by the landlord will be revoked. police have been called to the apartment hundreds of times in the past two years for drug- dealing, of violence, and complaints of intimidation. he adds that two people were killed in the past six weeks. there are 202 units in the complex. a hearing will determine the fate of the property. baltimore to -- baltimore county police are looking into allegations of sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. she was working as a volunteer at the roller rink, when he she was raped. a former baltimore city police officer has been sentenced for sexually assaulting a child. reginald watson was sentenced to five years in prison for allegedly assaulting a 16-year- old student. he was also sentenced to five years' probation. despite the violent weekend, police say there will that be a strategic change in their approach to
comical take on his future with the vikings. >> a flood watch continues for parts of maryland. we will see when things will dry up and little bit and he ducked as well. as well. >> there are new developments in the case of a siberian husky shot and killed. >> prosecutors have decided to charge the officer. >> for the first time, the killer has been identified and we're hearing what he told police after he shot the dog. >> the call for justice in the case might have been answered today. the state's attorney filed charges in district court against the off-duty federal policemen who shot and killed the three-year-old siberian husky. keith shepard faces animal cruelty and discharge of a firearm. this woman is pleased with the charges. >> he should have never been carrying a loaded weapon around the neighborhood. there was no reason for it. there are many ways that they should have been able to handle this situation without firing a gun. >> here's the call that sheppard made to police after he said that the dog was being too aggressive. >> i test -- i just discharge my weapon. >> the dog is sti
, live in the upper fells point with more. >> i am at casa de maryland, near where a majority of these attacks have occurred. the organization is warning workers and the people that use it about the attacks. it seems the real issue may have to do with immigration status. >> it makes me angry and it makes me sad. this is our city. we are living in it. baltimore has this incredible civil rights history. yet we are witnessing these horrible hate crimes. >> the lead organizer says that every summer, dacey @ -- they see a spike in assaults and robberies against hispanics. the problem is that they carry cash home from their jobs, which they leave late at night, making them targets. there is also fear among workers and families because they are not sure where the city and police department stands on immigration and whether a call to police could mean deportation. >> there still is not a formal written policy say and under what circumstances pollees could police could call immigration. people are scared. >> we contacted the mayor's department -- the mayor and police department. one sp
to see if ú%problem with vent pipes from water heater caused this incident. >> a maryland woman dies after several vehicles crash in the state of ohio. it happened around noon monday along the state turnpike. police say susan slaatery was killed in the crash. her sons, 12 years old and 16-year-old survived, listed in ú%itical and fair condition. >> the governor swears in a new judge for the couut of special appeals aad makes history at the same time. >> connratulations. >> [cheers and applause] >> michelle was sworn in todaa. she is the first african american woman to serve on a state appellate court. we caught up with her after her swearing in where she got very emotional about today's events. >> it is just ---i'm sorry. i said i wasn't going to do this. it's just wonderful. absolutely wonderful. what an honor. i can't even explain it. >> well, before her appointment, she served on the bench in prince georgees county for 16 years. to hear more of her historic appointtent, go to our website, and click on raw news. how are the roads looking tonight? lauren cook has o
the weather page and use maryland's most powerful radar and use our interactive maps to track the storms right down to your very own neighborhood. >>> now to tonight's other big story. at 8:00, the men in black and purple take on the carolina panthers in their first preseason opener. wendy tailgates started setting up. tailgate started setting up and so did we. >> yeah, kelly, we are at the stadium. ravens will be starting their preseason tonight. they will be kicking off against the carolina panthers. game time is 7:30. bring your rain gear, it should be kind of heavy storming tonight. if you look up, you will see the clouds are coming in. they are coming in real heavy, but ravens tailgaters are smart. they bring their party underneath the bridge. they come prepared to go and right now the parking lot is filling up. the ravens are so involved in this community. i want to introduce you to taylor andrew and taylor andrew is a recipient of a ravens scholarship fund. tell us about that, taylor. >> i applied for the scholarship and i had to go in for an interview and there are four others. there
'll need extra time. this is a flood watch for much of central southern maryland including baltimore city, southern baltimore county. basically south of towson, howard, anne arundel, southern maryland and d.c. switch it over to maryland's most powerful doppler radar. rain coming down in the order of about an inch an hour. causes a problem in south baltimore city. this has just come through arbutus. you probably heard it pounding on the window sill on the southwest corner of the beltway. let's pull it back a little bit. downtown baltimore, heavy rain includes fells point and federal hill. back to ellicot city and columbia, that yellow shading, 29, 32, looking at heavy rain up towards randalstown. there's more coming from the south, in fact, coming out of the only area in laurel uh, as we switch it over. you can see this stuff building in our direction right there. last couple of frames, it's getting pretty heavy. heavy rain extending through the owings mills area, we'll be reaching towson, around the 83 split. periods of heavy rain, tropical-like downpours. look out for slow traffic. even
baby. and there's nothing like a little pigskin and politics to set the tone in maryland. a full report coming up after 2 break. . >>> the $89 million hollywood casino will help to grow the tax base but it remains uncertain whether they'll spend money on restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the surrounding area, though many say it's a gamble they are willing to take. >> yeah, west virginia is there, atlantic city, might as well do it here. >> the casino plans to start installing the first of its 1500 slot machines tomorrow. it recently moved up the expected opening day to september 30th. >>> and the no slots at the mall campaign hits the streets tonight in jessop. the group behind tonight's rally is opposed to slots at the arundel mills mall. no slots at the mall will work to overturn zoning legislation allowing the baltimore-based correspondence dish company to construct the slots parlor. >>> now it's tempting when you're pregnant to eat an extra cookie or dive into the ice cream, but gaining too much weight during pregnancy can have an effect on your child's weight. tonight's h
in southern maryland. four people were taken to the hospital. six others were treated at the scene. the bulk of the damage was done in the south this evening. it was the northern part of maryland that took a hit from mother nature. parts of howard county and others fell under a severe thunderstorm morning just after 4:00. some members of our viewing area found themselves under a tornado warning. this gave us a bird's-eye view of the storm's size. there was not a lot of reports of damage and no reports of a tornado. a local member sent us this shot of the menacing storm clouds. we invite you to helped get pictures and video. it to upload your pictures, you can go to we will get what is ahead with their meteorologist in a few minutes. the city council president has canceled the special council meeting he called for tomorrow. the meeting was called to keep city pools open until school starts. he suggested use the -- using the city's rennie day fund. that sparked a good deal of controversy. that is no longer needed now the private funds have been secured. patricia jessamy faced off w
. why they may affect maryland, even be though they may never %-why the city of baatimorre sad buying more of these parking meters is a great idea. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this issfox 45 news "late edition". >> hello he again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert has tonight off. mother of a miidleeschool student charged with murder said kathleen cairns reporting, arteesha holt faces murder charges this evening. >> booker t. washington middle school will be minus one-eiggth grade student when classes begin on monday. 14-year-old arteesha holt is instead in jail charged with murder. -> i want people to know that she is not the monster thaa theú ssy she is. she is the child that got caught up innrown up activities. >> arteesha allegedly shot two men during a street robbery in southeast baltimore. jose coreas was killed. >>>juvenile justice gave her but i don't knnw the school system was going to do. because i asked for help plenty of times. >> arteesha's brother is accused of hiding the gun and is also in jail. >> really is not supposed to happen like that.
of a volunteer. >> fighting over guns. >> i want my permit back. >> the way one an wants to change maryland's law. >> a wall of flames, why this car was driving in to them and what happened next. >> and bottoms up. find out which colleges and ú%iversities really know how to party. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off. gun rights advocates that successfully challenge d.c.'s gun laws re doing the same thing right hereein maryland. crime and justice reporter joy lepola, talks to one lawmaker, who is firing back. >> gun rights advocates that successfully challenge d.c.'s gun laws are now trying to do the same thing here in maryland. a lawsuit was filed in u.s. district court thursday. claiming maryland's restrictions on handgun carry permits violate the second amendmeet. plaintiff raymond woolard was denied a carry permit, even though he was approved twice before. the state denied his application because he could not show good cause to carry a gun. >> i want my permit back. i want the law ch
. under the adult services %-selling sex.'s numerous add now ssate government including maryland wants that portion deleted. megan gilliland is joining us with how the site is selling a lot more than collectibles. >>> a couple of years ago the creattrs of craig's llst decided they would start policing their own website. if you go to the sectionn there's a disclaiier, but it page full of prostitution, sometimes with children. in response maryland attorney general dough gensler has joined a group of 15 other states calling for craig's list to avoid its adult category..3 the website also allows for sexual predators to use children. >> there's many chhldren sold through the internet. the fact that the government is %--olicing is ot working.lf >> craig's list is not responding toothe latest request to remove the controversial ads. it seems shoppers are getting upset over this. ú%ere's a facebook look this that is boycotting craig'' listú until they remove their adult services for good..3 reporting live from the newsroom, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. john hopkins researcher
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> the hollywood casino is still hiring. listen up. you may find a job you like. >>> another dog is shot by a police officer. this time in prince georges county. we'll tell you what happened. >>> she wanted chicken nuggets, but it was breakfast time. that's enough to send a woman off in the drive through. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. >> meteorologist, justin burke with our weather. good morning. >> good morning to you at 5:30. we have ourselves the thick of it here. this is going to be the peek of this latest heat wave. we are pushing well over 40 days over 90 degrees and this morning is going to be another one. otherwise around most of maryland, it is mostly clear and check out our temperature of 76 degrees here in baltimore. 75 in easten and 77 in ocean city. so through the delmarva stretch, we have ourselves great weather. our hour by hour forecast shows us we are mostly sunny and mostly dry. we take it to 93 by lunchtime. we should hit our 2-degree guarantee of 98. the record, 100 set back 110 years a
. >>> a preliminary report is out on the plane crash in massachusetts that killed two people from maryland. witnesses heard the cessna engine sputter before it crashed into the woods. the ntsb says the plane crashed about 20 minutes after it refueled. the plane was en route from maryland to maine. 61-year-old jack johnson of ellicott city and 52-year-old joseph jaso jr. died in the crash. >>> maryland schools hit the jackpot today. our state is one of 10 to be awarded millions of dollars in the race to the top school reform grants. state officials said the money will push maryland schools even further. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more >> reporter: the cash will give schools an added boost to go forward with programs designed to make all districts work together better and to add more rigor to classrooms. the big announcement came during the middle of the state's school board meeting today. what is rigor? school officials say this means they will be able to add more intensive classroom time during the day. the cash will allow the state schools to revise the curriculum and the way they access teac
in maryland. >> this new report about the number of children with lead poisoning. george letfis explains what that report means for the war on crime. >> gregory parks just started playing the saxophone for his high school band. he and three of his siblings have been learning to deal with the lasting neurological effects of lead poisoning. >> it is difficult when you sit there and try to read. >> his mom wanda says dyslexia isn't the only problem they have. >> they work hard at controling their tempers. >> research has shown a rink link between childhood lead exposure and crime when they get older. one study link aid crime rate reduction in new york city in the 1990's to efrlts to reduce lead levels in homes 20 years previously. more maryland children were tested for f last year for lead poisoning and fewer tested for high levels. could this mean crime rates go down here? >> i believe that, yes. >> maryland's first lady is a judge. >> i see the effects of lead poisoning on adults. oftentimes, just having devastating things happen to them behaviorly. >> gregory and his brothers and sisters app
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